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Welcome to AFGE 3377 -

USCIS & USICE Employee Resources for North Texas and Oklahoma

AFGE Local 3377
, are the employees of
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Citizenship and Immigration Services
(CIS) located in North Texas and Oklahoma. This site has been created to keep our members informed regarding rights, current issues, and avenues of assistance prior to and in times of need. Please, if you have suggestions as to how we can better represent you or suggestions about how to better this site, feel free to contact us.

You have a VOICE in the workplace. So, speak up to share your ideas to improve working conditions and help management make informed decisions. If you want to help in this endeavor... JOIN. If you want to be part of Solutions...become a Leader. Share your interest and we'll be glad to provide training and assist you in becoming a Steward.


Email CIS VICE PRESIDENT - Cynthia Jarvis:  vpcis@afge3377.org
ICE VICE PRESIDENT - Dan Johnson:   vpice@afge3377.org

ready to join?       need an application for membership?    need dues information on ? 
Email: Secretary/Treasurer - Guadalupe Santana: membership@afge3377.org

have a question on how to file a grievance?       need assistance in filing a grievance? 

Email: CIS Chief Union Steward - Charlie Smith:  chiefsteward@afge3377.org
         ICE VICE PRESIDENT -      Dan Johnson:   vpice@afge3377.org

General Membership Meetings

For this quarter, meetings are held the first Thursday of the month (unless it falls on a holiday week, in which case it will be the following week.) Meetings are at 6:15pm at Kay's located at 8010 N Stemmons Frwy. BUE are welcome to come learn, participate, and enjoy a soda on us. General meetings are held every quarter and are open to all BUE employees, both members and non-members alike. Not a Member? Join us - we want your ideas, experience, and strength in solidarity! Keep an eye out for all of our Monthly gatherings!

Join Today!

AFGE Local 3377          * PO Box 560905                 *         Dallas, Texas 75356-0905

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